The Bounty Project: Complete! :: Philadelphia Food Photographer

It's hard to believe that this project is actually finished. When Chef Jordan Lloyd and I first brainstormed this idea together it was over 2 years ago - we were new friends having just discovered we shared a kindred spirit and a common love of great food & wholesome and responsible farming. Chef Jordan and his wife, Alice, were just realizing it was time to create a beautiful collection of images for their establishment, The Bartlett Pear Inn, and we didn't know we were about to embark on such a meaningful journey together - one that evolved into lifelong friendship. 

Over the past 2 and a half years, I have created with this power couple one of the most robust portfolios of imagery and media to date in my career as an artist. We have shot food, portraits, architecture, interior design, landscape. We have created evocative films, and even an original series pilot. Sometimes I can't believe how much we have done together when I look back - and it truly goes to show what is possible when you put creative minds together and there is a connection, a true magic.  But what I am most proud of is this year-long pursuit of the bounties; a series to represent the diversity of local offerings from the soil & waters of the Eastern Shore that tell the story of how astonishingly beautiful and plentiful our food sources are right in one's backyard. It is a an illustration of Jordan's commitment to locally grown goods within his restaurant and a testament to his personal philosophy from which he never strays. 

What I also love about this project is how universal the message is. Though not every geography offers the same exact bounty from season to season, it is important to recognize that where ever you live, you need not look far to find nourishment. And the closer we look, the greater the positive impact it has on both our bodies and our communities. 

So, without further ado, I proudly reveal the complete Bounty Series, SpringSummerFall & Winter (and a "bonus" bounty constructed for the new Bartlett Pear Bakery titled "Breakfast" which features locally-sourced ingredient-based pastries and breakfast items, all made from scratch). Which is your favorite bounty? We would love to know! 

These Bounties now proudly hang as large scale wall art in the new Bartlett Pear Inn Bakery. I am so honored to have my work hanging in an establishment that embodies everything I believe in when it comes to food, farming and community. Chef Jordan, Alice and I have been thinking about how far these bounty images can go...where would you hang your bounty? Leave us a note and let us know where you would like to see these bounties and their message go!