Pretty sure everyone knows I love wine. The only thing I love more than wine is winemakers because I have sworn up and down a thousand times that if I could go back and do it all over again I would most definitely be one. It is a craft I am totally fascinated with, a process and tradition that I can't stop obsessing over. Also, I should have been born in France.

My grandfather sold wine for over 40 years and growing up in an Italian family, there was always wine on the table. I'm fairly certain it was even there at breakfast. Wine is a delicious tool that brings people together, promotes conversation, binds two people over flavor and artistry. If you need more of my position on wine, please click here. I talk about it with my dear friend and fellow winemaker wannabe, Alice Lloyd in a short video about her wine program at the Bartlett Pear Inn.

Yet I digress. So, there's a little vineyard in Annapolis called Great Frogs. Winemakers Nate and Andrea grow, harvest and age their own wine. It is a beautiful, rustic little place on the water and I love making images for them. A few years ago they asked me to take thier first product shots of their very first labeled bottles and I've been doing so ever since. I love the vision they have for their imagery - certainly rustic, suggestive and warm. And because it's wine, it never feels like work, especially when I am photographing them on the grounds and getting to immerse myself in the vines.

Really just anything that gets me closer to feeling like a winemaker.