Happely Healthy :: Health Coach :: Philadelphia Food Photographer

It's not just chefs, restaurants and product manufacturers that need food photography. Food plays a role in many industries and marketing strategies. I love working with individuals on photography projects that involve food because the images take on a more personal message.

I worked with Happel, a Health Coach based in Annapolis, who uses an holistic approach to wellness on creating crisp, colorful images for her business website that reflected the kind of diet she encourages for a healthy lifestyle. Ingredients and recipes played a big role here, but also color, composition and lighting. This was a true lifestyle shoot - in that without actual "lives" involved - the food needed to suggest the kind of lifestyle Happel is teaching her clients to embrace. "Fresh" was the mantra I kept repeating in my head while styling this fun shoot.

Also, the Kale Salad? Ridiculous. (comment below if you'd like my version of the recipe).