Shazza Shop :: Online Accessories :: Philadelphia Product Photographer

The owner of Shazza Shop and I have at least one thing in common: an addiction to accessories. While I certainly love wearing them, I also love arranging them just so in a pretty little fashion and then photographing them. So this job was a obviously a delight.

Shazza Shop owner, Sharon Sulecki, has a great eye for style and has created a place where accessories are sophisticated, affordable and fun. She is based here in Philadelphia but has a global palette for fashion. The shop just launched yesterday and there are already at least 50 items I must have. That is mainly because I got tired of counting.

I'm so proud that my images are those featured on the rotating banner on the home page that illustrate the catagory offerings. A fun peppering of products that captured the personality of the shop and of Sharon herself. What I'm most excited about is all the great styling and fun projects there is to come for this unique boutique. From lifestyle concepts, to video and more, we'll be close by Shazza Shop as it reveals more and all that it has to offer.

Make sure you pay a visit to the site and see the assortment! And if you particularly like bangles, please hurry before I buy them all. As in ALL OF THEM.