The Bartlett Pear Inn :: Maryland & East Coast Food Photographer

I admit have been doing a relatively abysmal job of blogging this past year. I watch in constant awe of so many photographers in my network that I admire who are blogging on a regular basis and I know that my followers must surely think that I am sitting in a photo-less abyss and creating nothing. Actually though, that couldn't be further from the truth. In the past year I transitioned my business from primarily weddings to food, product and selective portraits. I launched a Farm-to-Table food blog that has been so much more of an undertaking than I ever imagined - but that has been an amazing chance for me to explore my passion for cooking and combine that with my personal approach to shooting table top food on my own terms. And if that weren't quite enough change, I also formed a partnership to create a full-service film production company, W Films and I am now making corporate and independent films. It's been a wild and crazy year and my photography blog has sadly been collecting dust as a result. Today I'm excited to reveal some of the work I've been doing over the past year with Bartlett Pear Inn - one of my most treasured clients - who recently launched their new website that is highly image-driven and features photography exclusively shot by yours truly. It has been such an amazing year-long adventure with Alice (fabulously chic innkeeper) and Jordan (seriously blow-your-mind chef) in discovering their brand, learning from them both and creating imagery for them that is as inspiring as the work they do themselves. I feel so lucky to be serving a client in such a holistic way - both with my photography studio and now my production company - and to be partnering with them to communicate the importance of quality food, outstanding service and a committment to community.

I will be blogging in stages about the many projects we have done together starting with sharing just a couple of (in my opinion) some of the sexiest food related photos that we shot special for this project. If you haven't visited their new site yet  - please do! If you haven't been to The Bartlett Pear Inn before, I truly hope the messages found on their website entice you to go - and if you are already a lover of this place - I truly hope they reflect the amazing experience you are sure to have had the last trip you took. Stay tuned as I roll out more blogs featuring images created for the Bartlett Pear Inn!