Whenever I tell someone what I do for a living it goes something like this:

"I'm a photographer..."
"Really?? That's so amazing! Your job must be so fun! I would love to take pictures all day!"

Understandable reaction. It does sound fun, doesn't it? The truth is, I don't take pictures all day. I do a lot of other things that have nothing to do with photography, like book keeping, sales, marketing, paying taxes, paperwork, "janitorial duties" at my studio, hauling heavy gear, a ton of admin... the list goes on. I only actually "take pictures" for a small percentage of the time and when I do, it's making photographs - which is a little bit more complicated. There's lighting and technical control that comes into play. There's propping, styling, directing your subject. It's more than just pressing the shutter for fun. It certainly can be fun, but it is definitely still work.

All that said I absolutely love my job - especially when I have days like this weekend when I get to explore my favorite photographic subject - FOOD. The Emporiyum in Fells Point was this past Saturday and Sunday and it was seriously a showstopper. From Food Trucks to Four-Star Chefs, chocolatiers to cheesemakers - this pop-up marketplace was awe inspiring. I make it a priority to always be learning about new restaurants, food brands and products - especially those on a local level. There are so many fantastic artisan products being made right in our own backyard that it never ceases to amaze me! As a foodie (not just a food photographer), I am not only interested in these brands from a business perspective, but I also am inspired personally by a memorable food experience. Needless to say, this event had me literally drooling - both visually and from a taste-bud perspective!

Festivals are great places to be exposed to new products and brands but they are also the perfect place to connect with the artisans themselves on a personal level. I got to encounter and sample some mind-blowing food and drink this weekend and speak directly (in many cases) with the ones who are behind the operation. So many of my clients are considered "artisan" - they are small, passionate businesses with highly creative offerings who care deeply about the end product and how their customer experiences what they make. This is why I truly, madly, love what I do. Because I feel the same way about my own product as my clients do about theirs.

The event was held at the Morgan Stanley building on the water in Fells Point - a gorgeous and cavernous industrial space on the harbor. It was packed with excited attendees just chomping at the bit to taste and sample every morsel. I only took a handful of snapshots while I was exploring because the honest truth was, my hands were busy juggling delicious little items the entire time. I wasn't there to shoot - I was there to discover. And discover I did.

As a photographer it's important to always continue to seek out your passions and fill your creative cup. Whatever your muse, never forget to get busy feeding it.

All photos shot with the Fuji x100s