kicking cancer's butt :: part 1

Some of you may know that in July, my family lost a remarkable woman to Cancer. It has certainly changed me in ways I didn't expect it to. But the saddest part (and sometimes ironically the most comforting part) about losing someone to Cancer is knowing that nearby someone else you know and love is probably going through the same thing - because so many (too many) people, families, mothers, fathers, children and friends suffer and die every day from this horrible disease. Every story deserves to be heard, every battle fought deserves to be celebrated and remembered. And for those of us blessed enough to carry on, we have a chance to turn our sadness and grief into actions that might one day save someone else from a story similar to ours. That is exactly the spirit that brought Sharon and Jen together, Co-Founders of Cocktails Against Cancer, to kick cancer's butt. Cocktails Against Cancer is an annual fundraiser hosted in Philadelphia to rally those who "Love Cockails but Hate Cancer" in an upbeat fashion - bringing people together who understand the loss of a loved one or who are still fighting the good fight themselves. With cocktails, hors d'oeurves, raffles and a warm and supportive environment Cocktails Against Cancer just successfully pulled off its 4th year of raising money for Stand Up to Cancer by throwing it's bash at the William Way Center. This year, my husband and I were ecstatic to be able to attend and support my dear friends in their amazing commitment to wipe out this disease.

If you weren't able to attend this event, the good news is - you can still make a difference by donating to the cause here.  Want more good news? Women of Heart, which I will wholly be supporting, is coming up in November giving you yet another opportunity to get involved and fight back against Cancer - for your loved ones, yourselves and for the community worldwide. You can read more about Women of Heart  and how to get involved here.

Sharon & Jen, I love you dearly and am so impressed with your success these past 4 years and I pledge to fight along with you for years to come until we all finally kick. Cancer's. Butt.

Special thanks to Megan Stanger - designer extraordinaire - for providing photo booth pics!